100 Stk. ENTROPIC EN5520 Digital Channel Stacking Switch dcss Chip 16 Userbänder

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ENTROPIC EN5520 Digital Channel Stacking Switch dcss Chip 16 Userbänder

100 Stk. ENTROPIC EN5520 Digital Channel Stacking Switch dcss Chip 16 Userbänder

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EN5520 is part of Entropic’s second generation digital Channel Stacking Switch family

Quantity: 100 pcs

EN5520 greatly reduces the cost and increases the flexibility for rolling out new
installation and equipment upgrades of direct broadcast (DBS) satellite systems.
Typical DBS systems require a separate coaxial cable per set-top box (STB)
tuner (Indoor Unit or IDU) to the outdoor unit (ODU). This type of installation
requires considerable effort and cost. Additionally, as the architecture within the
home moves from multiroom IDU’s to a larger integrated Gateway or Server IDU
the number of demodulators needed to be supported off a single cable
For Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications, the EN5520 is ideally suited to
support multiple apartments off a single cable run. It also has the flexibility to
support multiple outputs out of a single DBS Multiswitch.
The EN5520 enables installer to run one or two coaxial cables between the
outdoor unit and the STBs inside the home, using off-the-shelf DBS signal
splitters. Offering greater than 8GHz of input BW and finely multiplexing into
desired single transponders, the EN5520 can support both Single Dwelling Units
(SDU) and MDU applications at the lowest power and Bill of Material costs

   DBS Low Noise Block
   Converters (LNBs)
   DBS Multi-Switches

   State-of-the-art CMOS process technology for low power and high reliability
   Up to 4 RF inputs with bandwidth from 250 MHz to 2350 MHz
   2 RF outputs with bandwidth from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz – 24 Channels supported
      • Both outputs selectable between CSS or Legacy mode
   Small area system solution: 9x9 mm² single-row QFN, 76 pin package
   Single external 25 MHz reference crystal
   Integrated processor provides convenient platform for client soſtware and DSP functionality optimization
      • Fully programmable L-Band frequency plan
      • Integrated Frequency Shiſt Keying (FSK) modem for communication with IDUs
      • Integrated DiSEqC 2.x interface
   Digital Trans-modulator
      • Integrated Multiple BW Channelizers
      • Spectral Inversion
      • Positive/Negative Tilt Correction
      • Automatic Frequency Control
   SPI Interface for connection to flash memory for firmware storage
   UART debug port
   I2C interface
   Enhanced built-in testability features
   Multiple GPIO pins under processor control
   RoHS Compliance
   ASTRA Single Cable Specification Compliant

   Lower Installation cost and time
   Enables re-use of existing installed cable and facilitates end-user adds/upgrades of TVs and STBs
   Install DVR service without any additional wiring - No New Wires
   Improved aesthetics and minimal infrastructure intrusion into existing dwellings
   Multi-room viewing enables advanced services such as mDVR, VOD, and OTT
   Single-cable wiring architecture provides future-proof support for in-house networking
   Built on a foundation from the SoC (System-on-a-Chip), MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax Alliance)
   and CSS pioneers, having the most deployed MoCA and CSS IC’s in the world


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